Primary textbook: Soul Transformation, Your Personal Journey by Drs. Adam & Candice Smithyman

This course is an introductory course for those desiring to become better disciples and to learn the basics of Biblical life coaching. Students will learn the basics of spiritual disciplines, how to discover your purpose and destiny, and how to walk victoriously in Christ. Students will gain understanding about integration between spirit, soul and body. You can purchase this book on Amazon by clicking here.


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Testimonies of Soul Transformation: Your Personal Journey Book

"I feel the book Soul Transformation changed my walk forever! I don't feel I ever looked at my salvation as a gift or saw just how beautiful a gift I was given. I also feel like learning the ways the devil attacks and your provision, protection, and acceptance was life changing, as well." Anonymous (Jacksonville, FL)

"Soul Transformation not only encouraged me in what I've already learned and established in my walk with Christ but gave me more hope and new ways of thinking in areas I didn't even realize I had strongholds in. It has made me more self aware and in turn sensitive to the Holy Spirit's redirection in certain mindsets that I was so used to submitting to that went against who I am and whose I am in Christ." (Jacksonville, FL)


"This book has truly helped me to see the changes that are needed to be made in my life, as well as gaining tools that will help me going forward. Soul Transformation has helped me to be able to hear God more, also know when things the devil tried to throw my way were coming. I have felt a huge change in what I know through the weeks of learning in this book." Anonymous (Jacksonville, FL)


"Before the book Soul Transformation was introduced into my life I would just blindly read my Bible walking as a lost Christian not sure about my salvation. After reading this book and having group therapy, I have learned how to follow the directions day-by-day. I now have something to look forward too and have learned how the Lord loves me. I learned how to be excited and doubt free about God's love, my spiritual gifts, and how to put them in play." Timothy (Jacksonville, FL)


"Since being apart of this group, I had three opportunities to minister to other women about provision, protection, and acceptance being returned to us because of what Jesus did for us. Had I never taken this class, I would have never been able to speak this to others! All three encounters were incredible and increased my faith and confidence to share with others! So thankful!" Melissa (Jacksonville, FL)


"The soul Transformation book/class radically changed my perspective on what I thought was a relationship with God. We grew closer and I heard Him more clear than ever! I realized I was focusong on worldly acceptance rather than heavenly acceptance. I now have the tools I need to adjust my focus where it belongs thanks to Pastor Adam and Pastor Candice's obedience in our Father for writing this book to pour into us." Jalese (Jacksonville, FL)


“I have really enjoyed the Soul Transformation class, book, and instructor because the study has enlightened me to see that I was dealing with certain things in my life such as self-pity, selfishness, loneliness & insecurity that I needed to overcome. I have never experienced spiritual growth and inner healing, and owe it to this class. Healing is taking place and now I know who I am in Christ Jesus and what my purpose in life is.” Ruth (Kingsville, TX)


“Immediately during the first week of attending the Soul Transformation class, I experienced change in my life/soul. In continuing this class, God has revealed my deepest/darkest areas in my heart/soul that had not allowed me to completely grow spiritually. It has truly been a blessing to have my soul transformed to know to be obedient to my spirit and not to my soul.” Janie (Kingsville, TX)


“As soon as I began the course, I felt the Lord changing me on the inside. I felt that I had returned to my first love. I no longer worry about pleasing others simply for acceptance. I feel myself wanting to please the Lord and it’s enlightening.” Mary (Kingsville, TX)


“Soul Transformation has truly been a blessing in my life. The direction of the Holy Spirit in the class/teaching has given me the tools and power to become transformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Thank you Drs. Adam & Candice Smithyman. God bless you for what you are doing in the lives of others.” DeAnna (Kingsville, TX)