Are You a Comfortable Christian?

The overwhelming majority of the signers of Declaration of Independence were Christians, and for some 200 years, the laws of our nation were a reflection of the moral laws God set forth in the Bible. As a result, the hand of Providence remained over this country, allowing us to become the most affluent, influential and powerful nation on earth.

However over the last few decades, we have turned away from God in the same way the Children of Israel turned their back on the great I AM. It is not surprising, that His hand of protection now has been lifted.

Christians need to repent. We need to repent of our sins and pray for forgiveness and healing in our land.

Why do I, you, and we, as churches, need to repent? Aren't these things out of my/our control?

Not at all. Here in the United States of America, we the people are, in effect, Caesar, and the overwhelming majority are Christians. There is no excuse for what we have allowed to happen to this land. There is no such thing as a value-free law or a value-free piece of legislation. Therefore, if we aren't electing lawmakers who are passing laws based on our values, somebody else is.

The truth is that we, as Christians, have become too comfortable, too given to the pursuit of wealth, fame, entertainment and personal pleasures to spend our time watching what is happening in the halls of government.

We don't carefully examine the candidates before we vote. We don't consider their stand, even on the moral issues. In short, we select our president and the rest of our representatives the same way a 7-year-old selects her Barbie doll.

Once in office, we treat our elected representatives like kings and queens. We don't hold them accountable for what they do. Most of us don't even know how or where to begin.

We, as Christians, have ignored the biblical prohibitions and warnings against borrowing and have allowed our country to become a debtor nation to communist China and other anti-god nations.

We, as Christians, want the government to provide for our every need. We have elevated government to the place that God once occupied in our lives.

We, as Christians, have been afflicted with "terminal niceness." We would rather wink and nod at immorality than confront it.

We, as Christians, pretend that we don't know that an unborn child is a human being, created in God's image, with certain inalienable rights.

We, as Christians, have allowed our tax dollars to pay for abortions and "safe sex" education that encourages our young people to experiment with fornication and homosexuality.

We, as Christians, have been silent and allowed good to be called evil and evil to be called good.


It is, indeed, time to humbly fall on our knees, ask for forgiveness and be willing to turn from our wicked, slothful ways.

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