A Fresh Start

To truly pursue a fresh start in God this year, you may need to take back control of your life beginning with the external forces you have allowed within your personal space.

Identify your time wasters – any activities or persons – that don’t add to your life but subtracts the life out of you.

With a renewed mind, practice these steps to achieve a fresh start in 2015:

1. Write the vision and make it plain (Habakkuk 2:2) It’s important to have goals (the vision) but it’s more important to understand WHY (make it plain) you have the goals you do. Sometimes goals aren’t obtainable because we have them for the wrong reasons. Pray and ask God to give you clarity in this area. Are you wasting time pursing goals and dreams that aren’t yours but just look attractive to you because they have brought wealth and success to others? Or even worse, are you feeling like your gifts and talents aren’t worthy? Like the men in Mathew 25 that God gave the same number of talents…are you burying yours?

2. What gets measured is what gets done. Select an accountability partner and provide a written update to them on the success of your goals. They will give you an honest assessment of yourself and devise a plan that will be as successful as you make it.

3. Be consistent.Schedule time in your day to accomplish your DAILY tasks.

As you begin to seek God more in 2015, you will see that the enemy will try to trump your plans, so you have to be ready.

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