EDGE: Every Day God Encounter 20'S-30'S GROUP


EDGE is for young adults out of high school through age 39. The vision of Freedom Destiny Church is to Encounter God in every area our lives. We believe that young adults need a place to share who they are and what they are experiencing in life, measuring that against the Word of God to Encounter Him and enhance their personal spiritual growth. The needs of the young adults are unique as they are the CORE of the church situated between the more mature generations and the youth. They have untapped potential and we want to grow them into all God has called them to be. Some are young married, some single, some with children, whatever the demographic, our young adults love God and want to ENCOUNTER Him daily.


If you are interested in joining EDGE or would like more information on this ministry please contact us at admin@freedomdestiny.org so we can add you to our Facebook group where we are constantly communicating about our next event!